Me and my sisters, Hannah (snooty) and Lil (violent) have filled in 
profiles for you, so you can get to know us better.
Name: Jim
Age: 10
School: not today thank you
Sport: ping-pong (pong-ping for 
our friends in Australia)
Favourite teams: Norwich FC
Movies: Anything with explosions
Televison: Anything with explosions
Lives: Norwich
Activities and interests: sleeping, 
eating bacon sandwiches, x-box, 
messing about.

More stuff about Jim: I like 
bacon sandwiches, but peanut 
butter will do. My perfect 
moment would be eating 
a bacon sandwich, while watching 
an explosion on telly. 
Age: 14
School: of Life
Sport: not really
Favourite teams: Brain of Britain
Movies: Don't you mean 'cinema' ?
Televison: No. Radio 3.
Lives: Yes. And breathes.
Activities and interests: reading 
poetry and philosophy, playing the 
violin, birdwatching, listening to 
classical music, chemistry.

More stuff about Hannah: I am dedicated to improving my mind 
and learning all there is to know 
about everything. My ambition is
to become a renowned and 
respected writer and scientist. 
And prime minister if I'm 
asked nicely.
Age: 7
School: Middle
Sport: Rugby
Favourite teams: Harlequins
Movies: Anything with animals in
Televison: Anything with animals in
Lives: Norwich
Activities: Animals, woods, sticks, 
running around, dressing up.

More stuff about Lil: I don't like 
being indoors. I'm scared of 
lorries, ghosts and loud noises 
but I DO NOT run away.